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பத்தாம் வகுப்பு பொது தேர்வில் மாநிலத்தில் 3 ம் இடம்

பத்தாம் வகுப்பு பொது தேர்வு முடிவில்
நமது கோட்டத்தை சார்ந்த நமது தேசிய சங்க உறுப்பினர்கள்

திருமதி தேவரத்தின மேபல் Postal Assistant, Palayankottai அவர்களின் புதல்வி
செல்வி B. பெல்வினா அவர்களும் 
திருமதி கனகவள்ளி Postal Assistant, Ambasamudram அவர்களின் புதல்வி
செல்வி L. சுவேதா அவர்களும்   497/500 மதிப்பெண்கள் பெற்று 
இருவரும் மாநிலத்தில் 3 ம் இடம் பெற்றுள்ளனர்.  அவர்களுக்கு நெல்லை தேசிய சங்கத்தின் ;மனநிறைந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

திரு ஆறுமுகம்Postal Assistant, Tirunelveli  அவர்களின் புதல்வி
செல்வி A.ஸ்ரீஜா 493/500 மதிப்பெண்களும்

திருமதி சேர்மகனி Postal Assistant, Tirunelveli அவர்களின் புதல்வன்
செல்வன் B. இசக்கி ராஜு  492/500 மதிப்பெண்களும்  

பட்டுகோட்டை தேசிய சங்க செயலாளர் திரு அருள்செல்வன் அவர்களின் புதல்வன் செல்வன் A.சபரிஷ் 489/500 பெற்றுள்ளனர் 
அவர்களுக்கும்  நெல்லை தேசிய சங்கத்தின் வாழ்த்துக்கள். 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bi Monthly Meeting

              தென்மண்டல இரு மாதந்திர பேட்டி நாளை மாலை 1430 க்கு மதுரை மண்டல அலுவலகத்தில் திருமதி சாருகேசி அவர்கள் தலைமையில் நடைபெறுகிறது அதில் நமது தேசிய சங்கத்தின் சார்பாக
தூத்துக்குடி கோட்ட செயலாளர் திரு.N.J.உதயகுமாரன்     
நெல்லை கோட்ட செயலாளர் (பொறுப்பு) திரு.J.குணா (எ) குணசேகரன் ஆகியோர் கலந்து கொள்கின்றனர் 

நல்முத்துக்களுக்கு எம் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

இன்று வெளியான பத்தாம் வகுப்பு பொது தேர்வு முடிவில்
நமது கோட்டத்தை சார்ந்த நமது உறுப்பினர்கள்
திரு ஆறுமுகம்Postal Assistant, Tirunelveli  அவர்களின் புதல்வி
செல்வி A.ஸ்ரீஜா 493/500 மதிப்பெண்களும்

திருமதி சேர்மகனி Postal Assistant, Tirunelveli அவர்களின் புதல்வன்
செல்வன் B. இசக்கி ராஜு  492/500 மதிப்பெண்களும்  

பட்டுகோட்டை தேசிய சங்க செயலாளர் திரு அருள்செல்வன் அவர்களின் புதல்வன் செல்வன் A.சபரிஷ் 489/500 பெற்றுள்ளனர் 
அவர்களுக்கு நெல்லை தேசிய சங்கத்தின் வாழ்த்துக்கள். 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Federation News Latest.

Deliveries of speed post letters which are more reliable and faster than private courier services says CAG

Concessions available to central government employees working in Kashmir Valley has been revised.Click here to see the details.

Preservation of records relates with Delivery& payment of COD articles.

Rotational Transfer Policy applicable to CSS Officers – Review of the policy reg.

One rank, one pension’ cleared: ParrikarClick here to see the details.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Promotion and Transfers/Postings of the JTS Officers of IPS Group A

Transfers/Postings of the JTS Officers of IPS Group A 

Promotion and allotment of Postal Service Group B 0fficers to JTS of IPS Group A 

நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

                17.05.2015  அன்று சென்னை பார்க்டவுன் தலைமை அஞ்சலகத்தில் வைத்து நடைபெற்ற சென்னை வட கோட்ட மாநாட்டில் பெரும்பான்மையான வாக்குகள் வித்தியாசத்தில் ஜனநாயக முறைப்படி 

தலைவராக தேர்ந்தெடுக்கபட்டுள்ள அன்பு நண்பர் திரு சுவாமிநாதன் அவர்களுக்கும் செயலாளராக தேர்ந்தெடுக்கபட்டுள்ள அருமை சகோதரர் திரு பிரதீப் குமார் அவர்களுக்கும் நெல்லை கோட்ட சங்கத்தின் நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள் உரித்தாகட்டும். 

அவர்கள் பணி சிறக்க வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Divisional News - RT 2015

                 நமது கோட்டத்தில் சுழல் மாறுதலுக்கான கமிட்டி கூட்டம் திருமதி.நிரஞ்சனா தேவி SSPO கன்னியாகுமரி கோட்டம் அவர்கள் தலைமையில் வெள்ளி 15.05.2015 அன்று நடந்து முடிந்துள்ளது.  சுழல் மாறுதல் 2015 பட்டியல் திங்கள் கிழமைக்கு பிறகு வெளியிடப்படும் என தெரிகிறது.

                            -      குணா (எ) குணசேகரன்    செயலாளர் (பொறுப்பு) 

National Anomaly committee Meeting – 29th May 2015

National Anomaly committee Meeting – 29th May 2015
Government of India
Ministry Of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi
Dated:12th May, 2015
Subject: Meeting of the National Anomaly committee – 29th May 2015 at 3.00 p.m
The undersigned is directed to say that a meeting to discuss the items which were discussed in the last National Anomaly Committee Meeting held on 17.07.2012 and required separate examination (as annexed) is scheduled to be held under the chairpersonship of Joint Secretary (E) on 29th May, 2015 at 15.00 Hrs in Room No.119, North Block, New Delhi.
2. It is requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting.
(A.Asholi chalai)
Director (JCA)
Tel/Fax: 011- 23094906
1. Secretary, Staff side, National council (JCM), 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi.
2. General Secretary, AIRF, 4 State Entry Road, New Delhi.
3. General secretary, NFIR, 3, chemsford Road,New Delhi.
Review of MACP to Grade Pay of Rs.2000/- where there is no such grade pay in Railway.
Granting of Additional Pay to Loco & Traffic running staff
Treatment of employees selected under LDCE Scheme/GDCE Scheme
Grant of minimum entry pay meant for direct recruits to promotes

Our sincere thanks to Hon MOC & IT

Our sincere thanks to Hon MOC & IT as promised to PJCA MOC cleared the cadre Restructuring file . 

The Cadre Restructuring for Group -C Employees has been signed by the Ministry and forwarded to DOPT for Final Approval on 13.05.2015.
It is expected that the proposal would be approved by DOPT after various formality checks and clearance from Department of Expenditure of Ministry of Finance.

The Salient features of the agreement are as follows :

1. Number of LSG posts will increase from 8 % to 22 %

2. Number of HSG II posts will increase from 2 % to 12 %

3. Number of HSG I posts will increase from 1.5 % to 4 %

4. After completion of 2 years in HSG I the official will be promoted to 4800 GP (Non-functional Basis)

5. The above proposal will be applicable to RMS, Circle Office and SBCO in the same ratio

6. Postman/Mail guard will get the same ratio of promotion.

1. The Post of SPM in Single and Double Handed Post offices will be placed under 2800/- Grade Pay ie All LSG and I MACP officials would man the offices.

2. The Post of SPM in Triple Handed and LSG Post offices will be placed under 4200/- Grade Pay ie All present HSG II / MACP II officials would man the offices and Posts.

3. The Post of HSG I and HSG II would be merged and placed under Grade Pay of 4600/- and be granted 4800/- on non functional basis after 4 Years.

4. The Post of Existing Postmaster Cadre officials will be modified in light of the same on approval of the Cadre Restructuring...

The Present Postmaster Grade -I Offices are likely to be placed under the Grade Pay of 4200/- 

The Grade I Posts are likely to get ungraded to Grade II , creating wide opportunity for the Postmaster Cadre Official to get promoted to Grade II and Placed within the same division.

The Present Grade II offices are likely to be placed under 4600/- Grade Pay creating more number of offices for HSG I and II officials.

The Norms of the Postmaster Grade III Offices would be modified so as to identify 1/3rd of the merged HSG I and II for Postmaster Grade III

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Post Bank to get Professionals from Pvt Sector

Post Bank to get professionals from pvt sector

May get license from RBI in August; the bank is projected to earn a revenue of Rs 2,365 cr over the first five years
The postal department has decided to rope in professionals from the private sector for top positions at Post Bank of India (PBI), its proposed fully-owned payments bank.

As PBI is to use the department's infrastructure - real estate, office premises, computers, information technology system and a large part of its staff - to run the payments bank, the department expects to earn a revenue of Rs 2,365 crore over the first five years of operations, through transfer pricing. This will help the government reduce the subsidy it annually gives the department for running its operations.

The postal department's deficit for 2015-16 has been pegged at around Rs 6,665.09 crore, according to Budget documents. This had stood at Rs 6,377.89 crore the previous year, and Rs 5,339.28 crore in 2013-14.

According to sources, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) could approve issue of licence for this payments bank by August this year, after which the process for setting it up might start.

Within three months of getting the licence, the department will hire key resources like chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief people officer and chief risk officer, according to a presentation recently made before Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

This core team will take up the increased responsibility during the first 12-18 months after approval of licence, and assume full charge around the date of the launch. PBI is expected to become viable within three years of operations and is projected to generate annual profits of about Rs 91 crore by the end of five years.

The department will soon move a Cabinet note for approval of Rs 650 crore as investment in the proposed payments bank.

For PBI, the plan is to have a hub-and-spoke model. There will be 650 main branches where the department will have head or bigger post offices. Subsequently, 25,000 'spoke' branches will be set up, while some 130,000 post offices with act as business correspondents for the payments bank.

The idea will be to target rural customers with products like small savings accounts, payments/remittances services and assistance in getting loans and insurance products from third-party institutions. For urban customers, the products will include pre-paid wallets for easy remittances and micro insurance products. Also, there will be an attempt to tap micro and small businesses with their products. The focus will be on high-volume, low-value transactions and providing small savings accounts and payment services to migrant labour, low-income households and the unorganised sector, according to the presentation.

The department had earlier proposed a fully-owned and new entity as an umbrella firm for its four or five strategic business units, to look after banking & financial services and insurance, and for offering third-party products, besides e-commerce and management of government services.

And, a few of these units will be hived off into separate entities; a feasibility study for setting up new units will start sometime this year.

The postal department has a 150,000-strong network of post offices across the country which directly employ 500,000 people. The department is largely moving in line with the report of a panel headed by former Cabinet Secretary T S R Subramanian in this regard.

In the Budget speech this year, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said the government was committed to increasing people's access to the formal financial system. "The government proposes to utilise the vast postal network, with nearly 154,000 points of presence across villages of the country. I hope the postal department will make its proposed payments bank venture successful, so that it contributes further to the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana."

While remittance is a big segment, 55-60 per cent of this happens through the unorganised sector. The department is looking to strengthen its foothold in this space. Half of India's remittance market, estimated to be worth Rs 2 lakh crore, is in the informal sector, and does not reflect in official numbers (on remittances through India Post, mobile wallets, etc) for want of clarity on definition of migrants.

Apart from India Post, other applicants for a payments bank licence include Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Uninor and Reliance Industries. Unlike full-fledged banks that make money on float through arbitrage - they lend money at higher interest rates than what they pay depositors, and do not charge on transaction services - this proposed payments bank will charge for services, primarily cash-outs and cash-ins. The proposed entity could deposit the amount in government securities and earn annual interest at 8-8.5 per cent, and it might give customers three to four per cent on the amount. However, unlike scheduled banks, they will not be allowed to use the cash for giving loans.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

பிரதம மந்திரி இன்ஷீரன்ஸ் திட்டம்...

பிரதமர் நரேந்திர மோடிமே 9- தேதி கொல்கத்தாவில் பிரதான் மந்திரி சுரக்ஷா பீமா யோஜனா (PMSBY)என்கிற விபத்துக்கான இன்ஷூரன்ஸ் பாலிசியையும்பிரதான் மந்திரி ஜீவன் ஜோதி பீமா யோஜனா (PMJJBY)என்கிற ஆயுள் காப்பீட்டு பாலிசியையும் தொடங்கும் நிலையில்இந்த இரண்டு திட்டங்களிலும் யார் யார்சேரலாம்எப்படி விண்ணப்பிக்க வேண்டும்பிரீமியம் எப்படி வசூலிக்கப்படும்க்ளெய்ம் எப்படி கிடைக்கும்,எதற்கெல்லாம் க்ளெய்ம் கிடைக்கும் ?

Review of compassionate appointment cases

 – Three Year Time Limit condition withdrawn by DOPT – Application for Compassionate appointment may not be reject on the ground that it had already been considered thrice unless it was rejected due to lack of merit/not found suitable under the criteria for compassionate appointments

No. 19(4)/2015/D(Lab)
Government of India
Ministry of Defense
New Delhi, the 30.4.2015.
Subject: Review of compassionate appointment cases regarding.
The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Ministry’s OM No.19(3)/2013/D(Lab) dated 18.11.2014 vide which all administrative/authorities were requested to strictly comply the instructions contained in Para 8 of DoP&T OM No. 14014/02/2012-Estt(D) dated 16.1.2013 regarding withdrawal of three years time limit and Sl.No. 38-43 of FAQ issued vide DoP&T OM No. 14014/02/2012-Estt(D) dated 30.5.2013.
2. An issue has been raised by Bhartiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh (BPMS) informing that the Line Directorates/Units of Army HQrs are not considering the compassionate appointment cases in true spirit of the guidelines issued by DoP&T and the requests for compassionate appointment are being rejected on the plea that as per policy once three consecutive chances had been considered, the Case is considered to be closed and cannot be opened.
3. As per the new guidelines on compassionate appointment, any application for compassionate appointment is to be considered without any time limit and decision taken on merit in each case.
4. Regarding re-opening of old cases which were closed on completion of three years time limit as per the earlier policy of DoP&T, it may be noted that the DoP&T vide their OM dated 30.5.2013 have clarified that the closed cases can be reopened provided tat the cases were closed due to non-availability of vacancies during the 3 year time period. However these cases may be considered as per the criteria mentioned in Sl.No. 32 & 39 of FAQ dated 30.5.2013. Such cases should not be opened merely because the time limit has been waived off. In this regard DoP&T have further clarified that the cases which have been closed for not being found suitable under the criteria for compassionate appointments, need not to be opened irrespective of the waiver of time limit.
5. In view of the above, all the Service HQrs / lower formations are requested to follow the DoP&T’s above guidelines in letter and spirit. They may not reject any application for compassionate appointment simply on the ground that it had already been considered thrice unless it was rejected due to lack of merit/not found suitable under the criteria for compassionate appointments. If the compassionate appointment could not be granted due to non-availability of vacancies at that time, any fresh application, received now should be re-considered after adjudging his penurious condition on the basis of the family’s latest financial/economic condition, number of dependents of the family as on date, latest marital status of dependents etc in the light of the existing guidelines of DoP&T on the subject

மணமுடித்த பெண்ணும் உரிமை கோரலாம்தந்தையின் வேலைக்கு - சென்னை உயர் நீதிமன்றம் தீர்ப்பு

Marriage of daughter not a bar in being considered for govt. job on compassionate grounds after the death of her father while in service: Madras High Court

IPS, IRS Officers submits Memorantum 7th Pay Commission

IPS, IRS Officers submits 7th Pay Commission to scrap empanelment for Secretary Posts – IAS gets more advantage in pay and positions and other services are discriminated says Police and revenue service associations
Officers of the police and revenue services have petitioned the 7th Pay Commission seeking scrapping of the Centre’s empanelment process for appointments to the posts of secretary, additional secretary and joint secretary.
The Indian Revenue Service (IRS) association has demanded scrapping of the empanelment process which is dominated by the IAS and sought higher pay. The IPS association has quoted statistics to demonstrate how other services have always been discriminated both in pay and positions compared to the ‘elite’ Indian Administrative Service (IAS).
About 75% of the joint secretaries, 85% of the additional secretaries and 90% of the secretaries are from IAS. The proportion of IAS dramatically increases from 10-12% at the level of directors to 75% at the JS level, a presentation from the IPS association says.
The 7th Pay Commission was constituted in February 2014 and is expected to give its report by October this year. Its recommendation will guide how the salary and various allowances of central staff will be revised besides improving their service condition.
“Strong entry barriers have been erected for other services, with 5-10 years gap in empanelment to prevent them from reaching JS level,” the IPS officers have pleaded before the pay commission, saying this is causing frustration among the forces that is leading country’s fight against terror and left-wing terrorism.
Out of 20 joint secretaries in the home ministry, only one is from the IPS and the department of internal security is not even headed by an IPS. “The system over a period of time created the ruling class who occupy JS and above posts and the working class which are compelled to remain at directors’ level and below,” the presentation says.
The IRS officers have asked the pay panel to consider giving them more pay over the IAS as they are “performing the most important sovereign function of revenue collection.” The two-year edge being enjoyed by the IAS should be reconsidered in the present context when they are no longer handling revenue collection for central government, the IRS presentation says.
The IRS officers have also questioned the two-year edge enjoyed by the Indian Foreign Service, seeking the pay panel to reconsider this “in the light of service conditions particularly whether any hardships are faced by them.”
A change in the composition of the civil services board, committee of secretaries and the special committee of secretaries has been sought with representation of members of other cadres.
“A rule should be made which prevents no two persons belonging to a single service to be appointed as members of these three bodies,” the IRS officers have demanded to bring in the required change in the central staffing scheme.
The IPS officers have claimed that the present system of batch-wise empanelment for senior posts is causing huge discrimination. Merit and right man for the right post is not the norm followed for selection, they said, demanding transparency in empanelment

If you take four steps, I will take 10 steps with you

People still trust postal department:

Even Maoists Do Not Attack Post Offices For Fear of Losing Trust:  Communications and IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said

Underscoring the importance of India Post, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today claimed that even Maoists don't target the postal network for the fear of losing people's support.

"People of the country still trust the postal department. I want to tell you a very sensitive thing... There is so much of Maoist violence, but still, the attacks on post is low because they (Maoists) also know that if they try to attack it, the people will be unhappy with them," Prasad said during the launch of a mobile app for India Post.

The Minister suggested that India Post should strive to become the largest player in the e-commerce segment.

"I want that in e-commerce, India Post should become the largest player and you have to do it... If you take 4 steps, I will take 10 steps with you because I am seeing that in India, e-commerce has got a very good future," he said.

Prasad assured the staff that not even a single employee would lose his job even as he exhorted them to change with times.

The postal department has established the e-commerce center at Safdarjang in New Delhi which will handle e-retailing exclusively. It's equipped with modern technology and is capable of handling 30,000 parcels per day.

Leading e-commerce players such as Amazon, Paytm, Yepme, Snapdeal and the like are already using services of India Post.

The mobile app for India Post is android-based and includes features like real-time tracking, post office search and postage calculator.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

E-Commerce Center of Post to start from Monday

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
08-May-2015 15:49 IST
Considering the rapid growth of e-commerce business in the country in the recent past, the Department of Posts, through Delhi Postal Circle has taken up a project to establish the e-commerce Centre at Safdarjang, New Delhi-110003.This processing centre will handle exclusively all the e-commerce business with the state of the art technology driven facility for quick and smooth operation starting from booking till dispatch from the centre.

The Centre is equipped with modern technology and newly introduced conveyor belt where parcels get sorted with the help of conveyor belt. As a result, the e-Commerce Centre is now capable of handling 30000 parcels/articles per day. The parcels are collected from the e-commerce customers, processed & dispatched within 24 hours to respective destination through quickest available flight/train, as the case may be.

The leading e-commerce customers, viz., Amazon, Paytm, Yepme, Snapdeal, etc are already availing the benefits of fast, reliable and safe processing of their e-commerce parcels at the newly established e-commerce Centre at Safdarjang in New Delhi.

The e-commerce Centre at Safdarjang, New Delhi -110003 is to be dedicated to the Nation by Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Communications & Information Technology on 11th May 2015
India Post Mobile App is also launched by the Hon’ble Minister of Communications & Information Technology on the occasion. .This is an android based application developed by Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology (CEPT), Mysore. The application includes features like real time tracking of accountable articles, Post Office search, Postage calculator, etc through Mobile Phone.


Official Record Note of National Council JCM Meeting held on 25th February 2015                         

DoPTpublished Today on its portal.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

கோட்ட செய்திகள்

           நமது கோட்டத்தில் 2015 சுழல் மாறுதலுக்கான கமிட்டி அதன் தலைவர் திருமதி நிரஞ்சனா தேவி (SSPOs, கன்னியாகுமரி ) அவர்கள் தலைமையில் அடுத்த வாரம் அதாவது மே 11 ம் தேதிக்கு பிறகு கூடுகிறது.
அதன் பிறகே சுழல் மாறுதல் வெளியிடப்படும்.

India Post ATM Comes to TS; More TTD Services Available at Post-offices

HYDERABAD: Devotees of Lord Balaji can buy special darshan tickets at any post-office in India. The facility, which was earlier available only to the people of Telangana and AP, will now be extended to the entire country.

This was disclosed by B V Sudhakar, Chief Postmaster General, AP circle, after inaugurating the first India Post ATM in Telangana at the Hyderabad GPO on Monday.

“We have received permission from the TTD today to sell darshan tickets at all post-offices in the country. The software that we developed will be shared with other states, in order to make this possible.

Earlier, there was a rule that each and every person from a family should come to the post-office to book tickets. Now that rule has been scrapped, making it possible for one person in a family to come and book tickets for the entire family,” he explained.

On the ATM service, he said, “We want to improve the quality of our services by using the latest technologies. Through these ATMs, people can withdraw cash from their service accounts and also avail of other banking facilities. We have plans to extend our services to all the 95 head post-offices in Telangana and AP.”

Telangana will have 36 ATMs, out of which a couple will be established in the next 10 days at Secunderabad and Jubilee Hills head post-offices.

The units will provide the same services as normal ATMs for savings account holders in post-offices. The postal department is also planning to link them with commercial banks soon. A maximum of `10,000 can be withdrawn at a time, and `25,000 on a single day.

The ATMs are integrated under the Core Banking Solutions. All the head post-offices in the state are already on the CBS platform and about 2,438 sub post-offices would be upgraded to CBS by March, 2016.

 Source :    The New Indian Express                                              Published: 06th May 2015

Order for Merger of 50% DA, Retirement age news goes viral in Social Media

Order for Merger of 50% DA, Retirement age news goes viral in Social Media

Recently rumour mill went overdrive in social media with the following news that

1.central government decided to Merge 50% DA with basic pay with effect from 1.1.2015 and order will be issued within 15 days

2. Encashment of Earned Leave to be curtailed to 180days instead of existing 300 days.

3.It went on to say that age of Retirement will be on completion of 33 Years of service or at the age of 58 Years whichever is earlier

According to the Social Media , the above strong decisions were taken in last three meeting of cabinet committee to recommend 7th pay commission. Further the post published in social media warned the central government employees that if above decisions are implemented; they should not expect more from 7th Pay Commission. Since it is considered to be the indication of what the think tank of central government will do for its employees.

We enquired about this rumour with one of the Member to the National council JCM, who recently met the 7th Pay Commission. According to him, the central government has firm on its decision not to accept the Merger of DA with Pay, since the due date of the 7th Pay Commission to submit its recommendation is nearing and the central government in many occasions cleared that the recommendation of 7th pay commission will be implemented from 1.1.2016. So there is no question of issuing order for merger of 50% DA with effect from 1.1.2015.

Further he clarified that the present government wanted to use the man-hours of central government employees productively by introducing new systems like bio metric attendance etc. Hence curtailing EL Encashment will lead the central government employees to take more leave if it is not allowed for encashment. So there is no need to implement such proposal as government point of view is against taking leave by Govt officials.

There is mixed response from the sources whether the retirement age of central government employees will be revised or not. It is believed that the present government is in favour of reducing retirement age to 58. But at the same time government doesn’t want loose resources of knowledge gained through experience by reducing retirement age of Government employees. Since the work culture of government service is deteriorating day by day due to various factors , govt would like to retain the experience of the senior Government officials . Anubhav is the one of the initiative introduced by the central government to improve the work culture of youngsters in government service. So there will not be any change in retirement age of central government employees at present.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Details of meeting with MoC

Details of meeting held at Sanchar Bhawan on 05.05.2015 at 1300 hrs with Hon’Minister of Communications by Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO on behalf of Postal Joint Council of Action.

In continuation of the meeting by PJCA leaders consisting all General Secretaries and Secretary Generals of both Federations ( NFPE &FNPO) held with Chairman Postal Services Board , Member(HRD),  Member (O), Member(Tech) & other higher officers of Postal Directorate on 30.04.2015 at 1100 hrs on all the 26 Charter of demands, the PJCA had decided to insist a further meeting with Hon’ Minister of Communications in respect of the following three Major sectional demands pertaining to the Postal fraternity.

1. Corporatisation and  Privatisation of Postal Department as recommended by the TASK FORCE committee.
2. Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) in the terms of reference of 7th Central Pay Commission. Grant of Civil servant status to GDS and grant of all benefits of departmental employees on pro-rata basis without any discrimination.
3. Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in Postal, RMS, MMS and Postal Accounts as per the proposal signed with the JCM (DC) staff side.

The ground was under active preparation for indefinite strike w.e.f .06.05.2015.

Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO on behalf of Postal Joint Council of Action were invited for meeting with Hon’Minister of Communications.

On 1300 hrs both Secretary Generals met the Hon’ MoC and submitted a memorandum on GDS issues primarily for inclusion of GDS under the purview of 7th Central Pay Commission. As the Department of Posts assured the PJCA on 30.04.2015 that the proposal will be strongly recommended and referred to D/o Expenditure for reconsideration, the Hon’ MoC was requested to offer his good offices.

Hon’ Minister of Communications has assured that the GDS issues would be looked into with an open mind and he would try to his best.

The  Cadre Restructuring Proposal file is awaiting for the approval of Hon’ MoC and now even though he had some reservations, he agreed to pass it with positive recommendations. The Cadre Restructuring Proposal will shortly be forwarded to DoPT.

In respect of Task Force Committee recommendations, Hon’ MoC  has not given any assurance about future course of action. But he asserted that NO PRIVATISATION at present and there will be no reduction or structural change in the department.

The meeting with Hon’ MoC is hopeful.

Considering the reply given in the minutes by the Postal Directorate and assurance given by Hon’ MoC , the PJCA has decided to defer the proposed INDEFINITE STRIKE from 06.05.2015 .